Our Mission

Snorkl's mission is to amplify learning through the power of student voice.

We make it possible to transform our students’ spoken thoughts into powerful tools for personalized learning and deeper engagement.

Our Values

Deep Understanding
We value deep understanding over surface-level knowledge. To truly know something is to explain it and share it with others.
Voice & Interaction
All student voices should be heard and celebrated in the classroom. Active thinking, sharing, and discovery are cornerstones of our approach.
Personalized Feedback
We believe that feedback is the hinge that joins teaching and learning. We strive to provide every student feedback that celebrates their unique ideas.
Empowering Educators
We believe that teachers deserve tools that make their work easier and allow them to leverage their expertise in connecting students with content.


  • Jeff Plourd

    Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

    Jeff is a former elementary school teacher and software engineer. He enjoys walking, coding, and snorkeling with his wife in San Diego.

  • Jon Laven

    Co-Founder & COO

    Jon is a former high school math teacher and instructional coach. He enjoys water skiing, camping, and helping students find joy in math.

  • Monique Bonneville

    Lead Account Manager

    Monique is a former middle school teacher and instructional technology coach. She enjoys yoga, traveling, and spending time with her family.

  • James Sanders


    James is a lifelong educator with 10+ years of EdTech leadership experience. He founded BreakoutEDU, and now runs ConvergeEDU. He lives in Carlsbad, CA, with his wife, and their two children.