Trust & Safety

Our Commitment
At Snorkl, we are committed to protecting student data. We only collect and use student data when it's necessary to provide and improve our services, and we use industry best practices to secure student information. If you have a school, district, or state-specific privacy agreement, please send it to
Our commitment to privacy is outlined in our comprehensive Privacy Policy. We use student data solely for the purpose of providing and improving services to schools through Snorkl. Our collection, usage, and sharing of student data are governed by our Terms of Service, as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and applicable state laws pertaining to student data collection.
Our approach to privacy with AI
Artificial intelligence has the ability to radically improve the types of experiences we can provide for our students. However, with this opportunity comes the responsibility to secure and protect student privacy. We proactively remove personally identifiable student information from the data we send to OpenAI. Further, we have an agreement with OpenAI that ensures that data is not saved or used by any third parties to train or refine future models.
We never sell student data
We will never sell or rent your data or create profiles of any Snorkl users to sell. We also don't display any advertising to students on Snorkl. Furthermore, we strictly prohibit any third parties from engaging in behavioral tracking on Snorkl for targeted advertising purposes or displaying ads on our platform.